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    General Online Price Guide Instructions

  • First, select the series you wish to view.

  • (Dealer Market Price Guides only) Then select Market, FMV, PCGS, NGC, Plus, or CAC to view prices for the selected price guide within a series.

  • Next, select a grade range to review. NumisMedia Online Price Guides include all grades from Good to MS70.

  • GREEN arrows (price increase) and RED arrows (price decrease) track the most recent price changes.

  • Analyze historical pricing trends and compare adjacent grades; graphs for current and past prices can be accessed by clicking a price within the price charts.

  • Price changes and comparisons, for the past month and year to date, can be accessed by clicking a date/type within the price charts.

  • Learn how to use FMV Prices in your Auctions and Web Site.

  • A listing of General Grading Standards for U.S. Coins is provided with definitions for grades Good to Uncirculated as well as AU and MS.

  • A listing of Numismatic Abbreviations is provided in an alphabetical index.

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