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NumisMedia Weekly Market Report

More Record Sales from the Heritage CSNS Auction

May 15, 2023

       Heritage Auctions held lot viewing at the Central States Numismatic Society Convention for their portion of the CSNS official auction with the ensuing sale at their Dallas offices, May 3-7. To say U.S. Gold is hot is an understatement with so many rarities finding new homes, many at prices above estimates. The Gold in this sale was phenomenal, especially in the $3 Proof series. In the chart below are some of the many $3 Proof Gold coins which realized significant bids. Additionally, Gold bullion is holding well over the $2,000 mark and stronger metals nearly always bodes well for rare coins.

1824/1 $2.5 Gold certified by PCGS PR67

From the Harry Bass Jr. Collection, this 1824/1 $2.5 Gold coin is unique in that it is the only coin available to collectors with just one other Proof in the Smithsonian; this PCGS PR67 realized $1,740,000. The 1824/1 overdate was a result of using the die from the earlier 1821 issue which had a mintage of just over 6,000 coins; with such a small mintage, to save on expenses the mint reused the last die since there were no $2.5 Gold coins minted in 1822 or 1823. The last time this coin sold at auction was in 1985 when it was purchased by Mr. Bass Jr for $104,500.

1824/1 $2.5 Gold PCGS PR67

1824/1 $2.5 Gold PCGS PR67 sold for $1,740,000 at Heritage Auctions CSNS U.S. Coins Signature Auction in Dallas, Texas, May  3-7,  2023

1829 $5 Gold Large Date certified by PCGS PR66+

Rarities are the hallmark of the Harry Bass Jr. Collection and this 1829 $5 Gold Large Date is another exceptional example. There are just 2 known coins with an original mintage of just 5 coins. The other known coin is certified PCGS PR64 with CAC approval and it last traded in a Heritage auction in 2012 for $1,380,000. This PCGS PR66+ sold for $2,880,000. This coin was previously acquired from the heirs of the Virgil M. Brand Collection in 1983 and has been off the market since. Also notable, the 1829 Large Date is a rarity in Mint State as well, with less than 10 coins known to exist; the highest graded PCGS MS66+ sold at auction in 2016 for $763,750. Below are some other highlights from the Heritage CSNS sale.

1829 $5 Gold Large Date PCGS PR66+

1829 $5 Gold Large Date PCGS PR66+ sold for $2,880,000 at Heritage Auctions CSNS U.S. Coins Signature Auction in Dallas, Texas, May  3-7,  2023

Date/DenominationGradePrice Realized
1796 Draped Bust Half 15 StarsNGC XF45$102,000
1801 Heraldic Eagle Half DollarNGC MS64 CAC$420,000
1921 S Walking Liberty HalfNGC MS66$168,000
1860 Seated DollarPCGS MS66+$156,000
1889 CC Morgan DollarNGC MS64 DPL$111,000
1861 D $1 GoldPCGS MS63 CAC$180,000
1796 $2.5 Gold StarsPCGS MS63+$480,000
1804 $2.5 Gold 13 Stars RevPCGS AU58$456,000
1827 $2.5 GoldPCGS MS65$180,000
1831 $2.5 Gold Capped HeadPCGS PR67 CAM$630,000
1854 $2.5 GoldPCGS PR64 CAM CAC$480,000
1854 O $3 GoldPCGS MS63 CAC$228,000
1855 $3 GoldPCGS PR65+ DCAM $312,000
1856 $3 GoldPCGS PR64+ DCAM CAC$180,000
1862 $3 GoldPCGS PR67+ DCAM $336,000
1870 $3 GoldPCGS PR65 DCAM CAC$192,000
1873 $3 Gold Closed 3PCGS PR65+ CAM CAC$222,000
1883 $3 GoldNGC PR67 UCAM CAC$132,000
1879 $4 Gold Flowing Hair StellaNGC PR66 CAM $216,000
1797 $5 Gold Small Eagle 16 StarsPCGS AU58+$312,000
1807 $5 Gold Bust RightPCGS MS65 CAC$264,000
1833 $5 Gold Small DatePCGS MS65+$252,000
1795 $10 Gold 13 LeavesPCGS MS63$324,000
1798/7 $10 Gold 9x4 StarsPCGS MS63$288,000
1799 $10 Gold Small Obverse StarsPCGS MS65 CAC$360,000
1859 $10 GoldPCGS PR65 DCAM CAC$456,000
1908 $10 Gold Indian PCGS PR65 CAC$750,000
1876 $20 GoldNGC PR65 UCAM $384,000
1888 $20 GoldNGC PR65 UCAM$180,000
1907 $20 Gold St Gaudens High ReliefNGC PR67$186,000
1921 $20 Gold St GaudensPCGS MS63+$288,000
1925 S $20 Gold St GaudensPCGS MS65 CAC$384,000
1929 $20 Gold St GaudensPCGS MS66$192,000
1930 S $20 Gold St GaudensPCGS MS65$288,000
1932 $20 Gold St GaudensPCGS MS66$264,000
1915 S $50 Gold Pan-Pac RoundNGC MS66 CAC$312,000

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